NOMAD’s Autonomous Soil Sampling: Revolutionizing Geological Exploration in Saudi Arabia


NOMAD, developed in partnership with ERG, is a robotic system to autonomously drill, sample, store and analyze soil sampling for geological exploration. It was developed to operate in difficult landscapes, like those in Saudi Arabia, thanks to its advanced technology inspired by space exploration. Read More

Progress Management System for Construction Companies


The quickest and most straightforward solution to follow and record construction projects by managing the progress with 360° image capture allied to AI. SK Godelius, in conjunction with Engineering and Construction (ICSK), has developed a Construction Progress Management System which uses all these new technological tools and lays the foundations for radical gains in productivity and efficiency. Read More

Monitoring and Remote Operation of Water Pumping Systems, Ojos de San Pedro Station, Codelco, Chile


SK Godelius has created a functional solution to monitor the operation of the pumping station Ojos de San Pedro. This area is difficult to access, and it is an extremely relevant station for the mining operation in Chuquicamata Division. Read More

Robotic development for isolation of electrical power sources: Los Pelambres, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile


Development of a robotic platform to execute tasks, which can receive instruction through the combination of optical and force sensors, and at the same time, control the precision positioning required for the activity. Read More

Celulosa Arauco for Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers (ICSK), Chile


Ingenieria y Construccion Sigdo Koppers (ICSK), a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has been awarded a contract by Arauco that consists of the construction and assembly of equipment for the collection and treatment of the gaseous substances emitted by Licancel Constitución, Arauco and Valdivia plants. Read More

Connectivity Quebrada Blanca 2 for SK COMSA: Port (QB2-Puerto), Chile


SK COMSA, a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has been awarded a contract for constructing the maritime works of Quebrada Blanca 2. The deal involves constructing and assembling the dock for concentrate and water supply loading, conveyor belt and mooring systems for ships, supply and discharge of seawater for the desalination plant, utility networks, and electrical and control. Read More

Godelius NOC Remote Management and Monitoring Centre: a new form of monitoring systems and operations


SK Godelius offers its customers a state-of-the-art operations centre called Godelius NOC. The Godelius NOC applies artificial intelligence technology to improve performance and extend the assets' lifespan under monitoring. Read More

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