What is the best way to unlock value in mining?

Digital transformation is advancing across the mining industry, and companies have a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on this momentum. After being slow to adapt in the past, the industry is now rapidly moving towards modernization, with smart mining operations projected to increase in the upcoming years.

The mine of the future is being built on connectivity. A private network offers the greatest potential to transform mining operations by automating more processes, for example, remote operations of heavy machinery and robotic solutions, as well as the ability to monitor and automate heavy fixed assets.

The mining industry faces a wide variety of complex operational challenges, which makes it risk-averse. It creates a budgetary barrier to investing in new technologies without a guaranteed return on investment. However, the pressure for mining organizations to reach new levels of performance has never been greater.

We believe that products and services customized to the needs of each client are the keys to maximizing the performance of each operation.

Run safe operations
Execute plans effectively
Make reliable and consistent decisions
Improve productivity and operational efficiency
Find the simplest and most cost-effective way to market
Change, innovate and overcome challenges
Develop a new mindset for the future

Engineering technologies that excel in challenging conditions and developing smart technology in the field are crucial to unlocking hidden potential. No matter what machines you have at your site, the challenge you pursue or the result you want to achieve, we offer solutions designed and developed specifically to improve results

All Solutions and Services

SK Godelius’ priority is to work together with clients to develop individual projects according to specific customers’ needs. We create and execute complete projects related to robotic operation and automation, teleoperation, connectivity and networks, and services solutions:

and Networks


Service Solutions
As a Service

and Automation

  • Automation and control solutions for any machine, make or model
  • Interoperable platforms
  • Seamless integration with existing and future mobile technologies and equipment of any site
  • Control and automation communication solutions to meet all mine needs
  • Transform operations with innovative technology solutions
  • Robotics solutions to perform a wide variety of tasks

Autonomous, semi-autonomous and remotely operated equipment – ​​heavy machinery, robots, vehicles – are now a realistic option in the flowchart. Combined with data collection and management, it has the potential to go far beyond monitoring, reaching real-time preventive and corrective applications.

Digital solutions have become a vital component of the strategic direction and vision of today’s modern mining companies.

Advances in sensor technology
Wide range of network technology
Easy access to massive computing power

Digital has matured to the point where greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs, less variability and better safety outcomes are the new reality in mining

By implementing emerging and revolutionary technologies in your business, you will be able to understand the value, minimize the risk and address the change management issues that are a natural part of it

SK Godelius works with the customer to resolve root causes, eliminating uncertainty through analysis and optimizing resources to improve predictability

Better security results
Better predictability
Less process variation and uncertainty
Lower operating costs
Greater sustainability

If you have challenges to solve within your operations, please contact us. Let’s work together to solve them:


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