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The remote operation of machines, vehicles, robots, and processes has a high potential to increase productivity and safety, improve the environment, sustainability, organizational forms, business models, and impact culture. A robust technological foundation is fundamental to ensure its usability, security, and continuity. We develop, integrate and implement technologies to get the best out of each project.

and Networks

Remote operations need networks with high availability, high reliability, a lot of bandwidth, and very low latency. This requires well-structured projects and is even more challenging when the network must serve and orchestrate multiple vehicles, machines, and robots in the same area of operations.

We specialize in designing, building, and configuring communications networks for the mining industry. This is an essential asset to SK Godelius’ approach in both open-pit and underground mining projects. Our company has already successfully implemented many mission-critical networks in typically harsh and remote mining sites.


Remote operation of machines, vehicles, robots, and processes is creating a paradigm shift in the mining industry and beyond. It has great potential with consequences on productivity, safety, the environment, sustainability, organizational forms, business models, and cultural aspects. However, it requires a robust technological foundation to ensure its usability, security, and continuity. The ability to develop, integrate and implement technologies is also critical to get the best out of each project.

As a worldwide leader in teleoperated projects in open-pit and underground mining, SK Godelius is ready to address the most challenging projects. Our solutions also allow companies to have an accurate view of the critical information required, and how to associate it with a design that meets the expectations of both the company and all the people involved.

Robotics and Automation

Besides, robotics is set to become the driving technology to support an entirely new generation of autonomous and teleoperated devices, and artificial intelligence devices that, through their learning capabilities, interact with the world around them, creating a link between the digital and physical world. SK Godelius conceives, designs, configures and implements robotic solutions by developing them partly autonomously and partly teleoperated.

As a Service Solutions

SK Godelius operates under an “as a service” model in many of the projects involving its machines, vehicles and robots. It also provides end-to-end connectivity using or building the appropriate telecommunications networks. We offer hardware and SaaS – software as a service – tools available to our customers in a variety of uses and applications, such as IoT, analytics, track and trace, electronic forms, document tracking, and the Godelius interaction system. These applications and services are supported by sophisticated and robust networks, with high availability, low latency and adequate bandwidths. The SK Godelius network team also provides the support and operational continuity of the applications that run on them.


Truecontext is a Canadian company that is a world leader in electronic forms based on a “low code” platform. It is the perfect solution for workers in the field, collecting data in a simple, quick, and secure way, sharing results instantly with cloud services and back-office systems.

  • Completely personalized solution for data collection in the field
  • Manages and notifies workflows in real-time
  • Fully mobile
  • Geolocation and automatic dates
  • Works online and offline
  • Send data to multiple destinations in the cloud, such as Google Sheets, Office 365, Dropbox, among others
  • Send documents in PDF, CSV, XML, Word, among others.