We work at the heart of the
4th industrial revolution.

We are SK Godelius. We conceive, develop, manufacture, integrate, implant, and operate engineering solutions related to automation, teleoperation, robotization and the connectivity of large machines, vehicles, robots and processes in open-pit and underground mining. No matter which environment and operational framework we are at, our priority is to work together with our customers to develop individual projects that bring value to their operations and business.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics is set to become the driving technology to support an entirely new generation of autonomous and teleoperated devices, and artificial intelligence devices that, through their learning capabilities, interact with the world around them, creating a link between the digital and physical world. SK Godelius conceives, designs, configures and implements robotic solutions by developing them partly autonomously and partly teleoperated.

Teleoperation Projects

SK Godelius can create solutions for teleoperation in all kinds of environments. Remote-operated or autonomous vehicles, machines, and robots are an evident trend in the framework of the industry 4.0 transformation. Teleoperation solutions imply a combination of both skills, the basic engineering sciences and the ability to solve the complex logistics problems that the mining and industrial environments demand.

Connectivity and Networks

Communication network design, configuration and build is a fundamental layer within SK Godelius’ projects and services. The value of the importance of network connectivity cannot be underestimated. It is the backbone of any organization. Making use of expertly designed and installed networks streamlines processes and increases productivity and the organization’s reputation.

As a Service Solutions

SK Godelius develops and builds hardware and software for its customers under the “as a service mode” for a wide variety of applications: IoT, analytics, track and trace, electronic forms, document tracking, among others. Personalized robust networks support all those applications and services with high availability, low latency and adequate bandwidths.


Truecontext is a Canadian company which is the world leader in electronic forms and low code apps. It is the perfect solution for workers in the field, collecting data in a simple, quick, and secure way, sharing results instantly with cloud services and back-office systems.



of the global copper production was done in Chile in 2019


metals are present in a smartphone, approximately


years ago, the first human civilizations started using gold and copper


minutes were the communication delay between the mission’s team and the NASA spacecraft robot when collecting the samples from asteroid Bennu


milliseconds are the very low latency promised by 5G networks, potentially allowing for completely new ways of teleoperation


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