Simplifying Geological and Environmental Sampling:
A Revolutionary Leap with Smart Robotic Technology

Imagine a world where collecting soil samples, a crucial but often tough job, becomes easy and efficient. Normally, this task can be slow, a bit risky, and not always accurate, which can slow down important work in fields like geological exploration and environmental monitoring. Now, picture a solution that uses smart robots and advanced technology to change all that for the better.

Geological and Environmental Sampling and Analysis Faster, Safer, and More Precise

An autonomous or remotely operated mobile robotic system designed with your needs in mind—it keeps people safe by handling risky tasks and delivers the soil data you need quickly and reliably. With this new system, making smart decisions quickly becomes easier, helping everyone work better and safer, no matter where they are.

How can the system deliver the best geological and environmental sampling and analysis outcomes?


Advanced navigation capabilities, allowing it to maneuver through challenging terrains with an optimized design for both mobility and stability.

Geological and Environmental
Sampling and Analysis Integration:

Seamlessly combines autonomous soil Sampling with advanced soil analysis.

Situational Awareness:

Incorporates advanced sensors and software for a comprehensive view of the operating environment.

Collaborative Operation
with Online and Offline Support:

Recognizes the importance of human involvement, especially in complex environments, and integrates online and offline operator support.

Preliminary field tests show that our system can collect soil samples up to ten times faster than before

Also, the tests we run in the field match well with regular lab tests, proving that our robotic system can quickly and accurately check the soil in areas like geology, environmental monitoring, agriculture, and more.

Our Autonomous Robotics Solution for Geological and Environmental Sampling finds applications in diverse fields

Geological Exploration:

Mineral Prospecting: Resource estimation and identification of potential mining areas.
Geological Mapping: Detailed study of soil layers and geological structures.
Site Surveys: Engineering assessments for construction and infrastructure development.

Environmental Purposes:

Tailing Dam Assessments: Monitoring stability and detecting potential failures.
Contaminant Evaluations: Identifying soil pollutants in various environments.
Remediation Planning: Strategies for environmental cleanup and restoration.
Forestry Management: Assessing soil health and nutrient cycles for sustainable practices.


Nutrient Analysis: Determining soil fertility levels to guide fertilization.
pH Level Monitoring: Adjusting soil pH to optimize conditions for crop growth.
Moisture Content: Improving irrigation practices through precise moisture assessments.
Organic Matter Studies: Managing soil health based on organic content

Water Quality Management:

Runoff Analysis: Identifying pollutants in runoff affecting waterways.
Erosion Control: Analyzing and mitigating erosion-prone areas.
Sediment Transport: Studying movement and impact of sediments on landscapes.
Watershed Management: Developing plans to manage and protect water resources.

Waste Management:

Landfill Assessments: Evaluating environmental impacts of current and proposed sites.
Leachate Monitoring: Tracking composition and movement of leachate in soil.
Containment Suitability: Determining soil’s appropriateness for waste containment.
Soil Recovery: Assessing soil rehabilitation post-closure for reuse.

Research Scientific Studies:

Composition Experiments: Testing and analyzing soil properties in controlled settings.
Environmental Impact: Conducting long-term studies on environmental changes.
Methodology Development: Creating new technologies for soil analysis.
Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrating soil science with other scientific fields.

The primary challenge is to elevate precision and efficiency in Geological and Environmental Sampling

Conventional methods often prove slow, resource-intensive, and risky for human operators. This holistic solution seeks to expedite sampling processes, enhance accuracy, and address safety concerns.

Geological and Environmental Sampling and Analysis Integration:

Depth and Parameter Variety: Equipped with drilling capabilities, the system collects soil samples ranging from 30 cm to several meters below the surface, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of soil composition and contamination levels.

Real-time Soil Analysis: The technology-agnostic solution processes collected samples on-site, delivering immediate data on soil texture, pH, moisture, organic carbon, inorganic carbon, and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. This real-time analysis reduces dependency on off-site laboratories.

Extreme Environment Resilience: Designed to thrive in diverse terrains, from geological exploration sites to environmental applications, the system showcases a robust design accounting for extreme conditions, providing high autonomy for extended periods. Its adaptability ensures project success in challenging environments.

Collaborative Operation with Online and Offline Support:

Human-Marked Zones: Trained operators mark zones on the map, designating "high-risk" or preferred routes. This additional layer of information empowers the robotic system to make informed decisions.

Relevant Benefits and Impact: The integrated solution not only accelerates Geological and Environmental Sampling processes but also significantly contributes to environmental management and compliance.

Cost Reduction and Worker Safety: By reducing the need for extensive lab tests and manual sampling, the solution leads to significant cost savings. Real-time data acquisition also reduces worker exposure to potential risks, ensuring safety in hazardous environments.

Enhanced Situational Awareness:

LiDAR Mapping and Camera Integration: Long-range LiDAR and cameras continuously generate mapping data, forming a point cloud and improving safety and efficiency through precise navigation and obstacle detection.

Digital Twin Simulation: The system maintains a "Digital Twin" of the scene, continuously updated to account for changes in conditions, robot position, and internal status. This ensures accurate decision-making based on real-time data.

Fast Decision-Making Through Smart Systems:

Real-time, Comprehensive Data: The unified system generates real-time, comprehensive data, reducing the time between sampling and data acquisition. This accelerates decision-making processes and enhances overall project efficiency.

Sustainable Practices: The integrated solution opens the door to sustainable practices. Its adaptability, autonomy, and real-time analysis contribute to more efficient and environmentally conscious processes.

Advanced Imaging and Environmental Sensing

Integrates Hyperspectral, VIS-NIR, XRF, LIBs, Magnetometers, GPR, and LiDAR for precise soil analysis and environmental mapping, enhancing data accuracy.

Real-Time Analysis and Data Correlation

Utilizes onboard pH and moisture sensors for immediate soil health assessments, correlating real-time field data with laboratory analyses for enhanced reliability.

Diverse Sampling and Data Integration

Handles soil, bedrock, water, and air samples, employing AI to compare current findings with historical data, offering insights into environmental trends.

Interactive Dashboard

Presents analytical results on a user-friendly map interface, supporting strategic environmental management with predictive insights from real-time and historical data synthesis.

Elevating Environmental and Geological Insights through Robotic Innovation

Our cutting-edge robotic system not only redefines Geological and Environmental Sampling and analysis but also paves the way for a future where decisions are faster, environments are safer, and operations are more efficient.

With proven results and versatile applications across various sectors—from agriculture to environmental management—this system is ready to take your soil analysis capabilities to the next level.

Are you ready to embrace the future of Geological and Environmental Sampling?

Join us in revolutionizing soil analysis and achieving new standards in accuracy and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how our technology can be integrated into your operations. Let's work together to make Geological and Environmental Sampling smarter, safer, and more sustainable for everyone.

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