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The paradigms have changed for the mining and industrial world: remote-operated or autonomous vehicles, machines, and robots are an evident trend in the framework of the industry 4.0 transformation. A safer and more efficient scenario emerges seeking security, high-productivity and low-cost of operation. Teleoperation solutions imply a combination of both skills, the basic engineering sciences and the ability to solve the complex logistics problems that the mining and industrial environments demand.

Teleoperation’s main benefits:


Reduce human contact with machines.

Work process under or close to no latency.


Multiple machine control at the same time.

Longer work shifts.


Extended work shift with less fatigue increases production.

Remote machine control leads to a consistent results.

Makes viable operations that are not possible with people in the field.

Hazardous and unstructured areas

Handle dangerous substances and situations.

Collect samples.

Perform in adverse weather conditions.

Through the teleoperation solutions, companies can save human lives, provide enhanced efficiency in operations, save money by having robots that work round-the-clock, and explore unhealthy and challenging areas to access.

Either in turnkey mode or as part of a project, in many cases, the machines which need a teleoperation solution are part of the existing production scheme, and they must be re-engineered without stopping production, such as bucket wheels, stackers, spreaders, among others. Our engineering team can create any solution regarding teleoperation in all kinds of environments.

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