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About Us / History

SK Godelius is an engineering company with operations in Chile and Canada. It was born at the end of 2011 when advances in artificial intelligence, unstructured robotics, high-capacity networks, and low latency began to make viable entirely new operating ways.

We are part of Sigdo Koppers Group, one of the most relevant Chilean conglomerates with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The Sigdo Koppers Group is a global player in blasting services, grinding media, engineering and construction, and logistics. The name Godelius is a tribute to Kurt Gödel, who wrote in 1931 an article that moved many notions profoundly rooted in mathematics to the ground. His so-called incompleteness theorems demonstrate the fundamental limitations of axiomatic systems and are among the most important in history. The depth of its consequences is comparable to that of the other two great revolutions of the twentieth century’s exact sciences, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Many of the changes that can be witnessed today – in artificial intelligence and robotics – have traces of Gödel’s Theorems.

Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel, early 1950s From: Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, USA Photographer: Richard Arens

Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel, early 1950s From: Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, USA Photographer: Richard Arens

We work at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution.

We conceive, develop, manufacture, integrate, implant, and operate engineering solutions related to automation, teleoperation, robotization and the connectivity of large machines, vehicles, robots and processes in open-pit and underground mining. No matter which environment and operational framework we are at, our priority is to work together with our customers to develop individual projects that bring value to their operations and business.

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of the global copper production was done in Chile in 2019


metals are present in a smartphone, approximately


years ago, the first human civilizations started using gold and copper


minutes were the communication delay between the mission’s team and the NASA spacecraft robot when collecting the samples from asteroid Bennu


milliseconds are the very low latency promised by 5G networks, potentially allowing for completely new ways of teleoperation


SK Godelius actively collaborates with a broad network of companies, innovation hubs, and academic institutions. As a proud Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) member, it fosters strong ties with the Centre of Mathematical Modelling (CMM) at the University of Chile. In Chile, it’s integrated into the Minnovex ecosystem, whereas in Canada, it’s affiliated with Mine Connect and the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA). Additionally, it boasts partnerships with NORCAT and the Centre for Smart Mining at Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology. A notable highlight of its collaborations is the enduring partnership with TrueContext, the creators of a leading enterprise field services management software, underscoring SK Godelius’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the mining and technology sectors.

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