The quickest and most straightforward solution to follow and record construction projects by managing the progress with 360° image capture allied to AI.

In the framework of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, new tools and methods have matured that have great transformative potential in managing construction projects. IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, High Precision Positioning Systems, Computer Vision, and other technologies contribute to making radically new ways of obtaining, organizing, and exchanging information associated with a construction project viable.

Added to this is the BIM model’s consolidation as a generalized digital standard to manage construction data throughout its life cycle.

SK Godelius, in conjunction with Engineering and Construction (ICSK), has developed a Construction Progress Management System which uses all these new technological tools and lays the foundations for radical gains in productivity and efficiency.


How does the system work?

Through a robotic platform that adapts to the particularities of the work, a robotic platform with wheels, legs, or wings is sent to capture information online or quasi online that allows evaluating the exact state of the construction with great precision. That information is collected by cameras, lidars, positioning devices, and other sensors mounted on the robotic platform. The “point cloud” thus obtained is interpreted, processed, and transferred to the customer’s information systems.

A solution based on the tight integration of various services:

  1. State of the art capture devices: 360° real-time images to make the analysis feasible everywhere at any time
  2. Cloud technologies: project data is hosted on redundant, leading cloud server architecture for maximum reliability and security
  3. Annotation and updates: keep all the personnel involved easily updated. Document changes, leave comments and share to keep everyone informed
  4. High-quality professional services and monitoring: lean on an efficient team to monitor the construction progress for the job site, 24/7/365
  5. World-class management platforms integration: share the data with the most powerful and reliable platforms

The system helps companies improve the construction projects’ control by managing the progress and the budget through visual feedback and information recorded on the construction progress available anywhere at any time.


Construction Progress Management “as a service”

SK Godelius handle the projects’ burden and technological complexities, allowing companies to enjoy the benefits of a service that delivers:

  • Online project progress tracking
  • Visual records of the construction project evolution
  • Record progress in the field to analyze it anywhere at any time
  • Efficient communication by making crucial annotation and comments
  • Share the progress with teammates, supervisors, customers, among others
  • Intuitive Enterprise Dashboard user interface
  • Customized reports generation
  • Integration with the leading project management platforms

The system can use the construction projects’ information recorded to:

  • AI application: create a knowledge base that can be actively reviewed to learn from previous experiences.
  • Powerful marketing tool: show your customers your expertise and transparency.

Sharing BIM mock-ups or real-world documentation with your client helps to increase approvals and decrease rework. Our system guarantee that companies have permanently documented their project at 360° and can reference historical images of your proper construction decisions.