At the beginning of 2018, Ingenieria y Construccion Sigdo Koppers (ICSK) started a vertical contract with Codelco regarding Nuevo Rajo Planta Transfer, a project that involves civil work activities and the assembly of a 4 kilometres regenerative belt for the Andina Division. ICSK is also engaged in other areas of the project, such as the primary crushing, 30-ton hopper, secondary crusher, secondary belts, infrastructure construction at node 3500 and the civic neighbourhood, PTAS, ponds, eight electrical rooms, drainage activities, maintenance workshops, among others.

SK Godelius, in partnership with ICSK, was responsible for creating and developing the connectivity of the project to Ingenieria y Construccion Sigdo Koppers (ICSK):

  • Installation of MMOO and FFOO links to access the MPLS network of SK Godelius on different fronts (Saladillo, Los Lumes, Nodo 3500, Gase Interior Mina).
  • Equipment installation, administration and monitoring of transportation and propagation of the LAN and WLAN network.
  • Provision and operation of the services from a security operations centre (NOC / SOC) where it is possible to monitor and maintain all the equipment connected to the network, and also guarantee the data security of our clients through the application of policies and filters that allow avoiding any attack that violates the integrity of the data.
  • Help desk service for general network support.