About the client

Codelco is a Chilean state-owned company that leads the world in copper production, driving the country’s development. Its reserves account for 6% of the global copper reserves. The company operates seven mining divisions: Chuquicamata, Ministro Hales, Radomiro Tomic, Gabriela Mistral, Salvador, Andina, El Teniente, as well as the Ventanas Smelter and Refinery.

Currently, the El Teniente Division is involved in a structural project aiming to deepen the exploitation of the El Teniente deposit, adding reserves estimated at approximately 2.000 billion tons, with an average copper grade of 0.86% and 220 ppm of molybdenum. This will enable the division to continue processing 137,000 tons of ore per day for over 50 years.



In the world of underground mining, the loading and transfer chute is a vital component for block caving and panel caving operations.

Our mission was clear: develop an advanced Remote-Control System for Loading Chutes, a game-changing innovation that would enable remote opening of the discharge system through a masterful gate, expertly regulating the passage of valuable ore. But we didn’t stop there – our ingenious system also incorporates intelligent features that can detect overloads and other potential issues, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.



Codelco’s El Teniente Division has contracted SK Godelius for the development and implementation of a Loading Chute Remote Control System, which includes cabinets, control panels, CCTV cameras, sensors, sirens, beacons, overload detectors, lights, spare parts, and services. The project encompasses the following:

  • Engineering services, including the provision of blueprints and technical information.
  • Qualified personnel services for assembly supervision, commissioning, system startup, and testing.
  • Training for maintenance and operation personnel at the buyer’s facility, including necessary technical documentation in Spanish and support materials.
  • Configuration Acceptance Test (CAT), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and Technical Assistance for Site Acceptance Test (SAT).
  • Preparation of material/equipment for export, transportation, and delivery of equipment and components under DDP terms to the buyer’s warehouse (site).
  • Progress reports on engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and general status.
  • Technical field assistance for assembly, preliminary testing, pre-operational, operational with load, and performance (ramp-up – startup) phases.


We are with you every step of the way

From preparing material and equipment for export to on-site technical field assistance during assembly, preliminary testing, pre-operational, operational with load, and performance phases – we are committed to your success.

Join us in shaping the future of underground and open-pit mining. Partner with SK Godelius, and let’s take your mining operations to new heights of excellence!