Prochile, within the framework of the technological approach events that it manages worldwide, held the first Technical Conference on Technology and Innovation 2018, in Lima, Peru. 

The seminar was held on August 14, at the Country Club hotel. 

Six Chilean exhibitors participated: Core Mining Studies, VantazTectramin, M – Risk, JRI Engineering and SK Godelius. 

This last one caught the attention of the leading mining companies in Peru due to the exhibition made about Robotics and Teleoperation. “We are facing a new large-scale technological transformation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the key question is again what is the killer application: Remote operation is a fertile paradise for these conceptions,” said Fernando Bracco, general manager of SK Godelius. He also referred to what things can be operated at a distance. He mentioned the Teleoperation of Large Machines, Vehicles and Robots. 

He also commented on the New Forms of Interaction (VR / AR, AL, among others). Concerning this last point, it is worth highlighting the ‘Godelius Interaction System (SIG),’ which includes a set of tools for the global relationship of visual collaboration, with powerful cooperative capabilities and, later, a high potential for improving performance”. In this regard, Bora Hysi, Product Manager SIG, commented: “Taking into account the need for the presence of technology in Peruvian mining, the GIS can be a valuable tool where geographical position often prevents participation in important decisions, improving thus the performance and productivity. “ 

Finally, Bracco presented Godelius X, a robot for unstructured environments. The value of this? It implies that robot operations can not be controlled by position-oriented algorithms, but rather by force-oriented controls. If there are more than one robot or robotic arm and people in the scope, the robot must have sensorization to avoid collision risks and control strategies with limited forces.