Today, Nokia hosted the virtual event Experience 5G Movistar, the first 5G lab in Chile. Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers (ICSK), in a partnership with SK Godelius, demonstrated its robotics solution for inspection in the mining, construction and other industries. The solution relies, in this case, on a 5G network to successfully operate its tasks.

Nokia demonstrated that 5G networks support the operation of robotic solutions, such as the Spot Robot, and its applications in a wide range of industries, including forestry and agricultural environments, mining, construction and large-scale projects.

Rubén Morón, the Country Manager at Nokia Chile, explained that “we have seen the Spot Robot detecting gaseous substances in mining environments, monitoring and inspecting the conditions of mine-sites by sending data in real-time to the monitoring centre. Everything can be done via Nokia 5G network. Through this project, which was developed in a collaboration between SK Godelius and Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers, both belonging to Sigdo Koppers Group, we can notice how robotics and its applications, such as video analytics and automation, wirelessly interconnected, can benefit society by improving working conditions and accelerating the production process. Nokia, the world leader of 5G contracts, which relies on 165 contracts all over the world, and more than 260 contracts in private wireless networks, are helping Chile be at the forefront in 5G.”

Watch it through the link below: