The surrounding terrain of open-pit mines often presents imminent risks of accidents, such as rockfalls, vehicle collisions, cave-ins, among others. A clear example of this is the pre-cut drilling operations, carried out at a short distance from the slopes. Drilling rigs’ proximity to various sources of risk is a direct threat to worker safety.

Aware of this dangerous scenario and seeking a safer operation, Antofagasta Minerals awarded SK Godelius a contract to carry out a study that identifies a strategic economic and technical feasibility to manage pre-cut drills remotely.

The deliverable was an exhaustive study of the state of the art and technological trends. SK Godelius developed a customized roadmap to implement cutting-edge technologies in remote operation to meet the demand for safer working conditions. SK Godelius drew up an evolutionary plan in this strategic consulting work that gradually moves workers away from the most exposed sites.