Kenneth Pickering | Director | Board member of SK Godelius and Enaex

Of Canadian origin, Ken was a mining engineer at the University of British Columbia and specialized in Harvard Business School, studying the Advanced Management Program. He has held various strategic positions in mining throughout his career, working in the resource sector in Canada, Chile, Australia, Peru, and the United States. Pickering has held executive positions in primary mining operations, as head of the management of the corresponding country’s affairs, and responsible for developing mining projects of global importance. In his most recent position, he served as Director of Major Projects (Closed Mines and North American Assets) of BHP Billiton Base Metals from 2004 to 2010. After retiring from BHP, Ken has remained active in the mining industry as an advisor. He is currently a member of the Global Strategic Advisory Committee of ARCADIS International, in addition to serving as a non-executive director of three other companies in the mining sector.