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Imagine a world where conveyor belts, like tireless workers, move valuable materials from mines to processing areas. These belts, powered by electricity, come in different types, like strong rubber and sturdy fabrics. But keeping these belts in great shape is no easy task. That’s where our Automated Inspection System comes in, making sure conveyor belts work well and revolutionizing how we maintain them.

Facing the Difficulties of Checking Conveyor Belts Effectively


In open-pit mines, workers endure harsh sunlight, dust, acids, and uncomfortable positions during inspections. In underground mines, the challenges may differ, but they are equally demanding.


Manual inspections can be inconsistent: different shifts might report different issues, making it hard to track problems accurately.


A broken conveyor belt can cost a lot—up to $100,000 an hour in big mines! Fixing a torn belt can take one or two shifts, causing delays and extra costs.


Manual inspections lack complete data, so it’s tough to make smart decisions and prevent big failures.

Whether it’s on platforms with legs, wheels, or wings

SK Godelius’ inspection system is designed to inspect your asset conditions expertly. Beyond conveyor belts, our system is adaptable to various scenarios, including tailings, pipes, slopes, and more.

How can our system seamlessly monitor your conveyor belt conditions? 


Robots collect data in real time, spotting issues quickly. This helps us stop small problems from becoming big disasters.


Our system gives real-time reports and useful data. With clear information about issues like heat problems, stuck parts, and safety features, mine owners can make the best decisions.


The application of 3D and thermal cameras, and sound capture to detect noises and vibrations could tell us how worn the belts are and where they need cleaning. We’re even thinking about using X-rays to look at belt parts. And robots might help us clean under the belts too.


Less manual inspection means workers are safer. They’re not exposed to dangerous conditions as much.


With real-time info combined with AI, maintenance teams can solve problems faster. This saves time and makes things work better.

The key feature of our system is effective data collection and management

Our AI-driven solution tells you about potential issues before they become costly problems. The current method of inspecting conveyor belts is prone to errors and lacks the rich data needed to predict issues before they even happen.

Current convenyor belt monitoring process:

SK Godelius convenyor belt monitoring system:

*The red lines delineate hazardous circumstances

As-a-Service Provider

We offer a fully operational team for data management and tailored solutions, transforming inspections for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

How our System Works: A Closer Look

Custom Missions for the Best Outcomes:

When we work with our clients, we focus on what they really need. We talk with them and figure out the most important things for each task. This helps us make sure our solution fits exactly with what they want to achieve.

Creating Solutions With Care:

Once we know what needs to be done, we get to work. We carefully choose the right tools, paths, places to charge, software for analysis, and how everything connects together. This special mix of choices helps our solution work well with what our clients are already using, making things super-efficient.

Moving Smoothly:

Our Automated Inspection System can do a lot on its own. It follows routes we set up beforehand and moves easily along them. Even if there’s something in its way, it can go around it all by itself. This makes sure it can finish its job without any problems.

Making 3D maps:

Our system can make really detailed 3D maps. As it does its job, it creates maps that show everything around it in a special way. These maps help everyone understand what’s happening, decide what to do, and make everything work even better.

Thermography Camera:

Provides live video feed to detect temperature abnormalities.

30x Digital Zoom Camera:

Offers a close-up view of components in real-time.

Panoramic Camera:

Delivers a 360° x 170° view for comprehensive coverage.

Audio Detection and Recording:

Allows for post-analysis examination and documentation.

Complete and Functional Dashboards:

Our system offers comprehensive data visualization and reporting features through user-friendly dashboards:

  • Real-time Dashboards: Monitor conveyor health and performance in real-time.
  • Anomaly Reports: Receive alerts and reports on detected deviations.
  • Customized Graphics and Charts: Tailor the dashboard to display relevant data according to your specific requirements.

These are the main things we wanted to tell you about how our system works. We care a lot about finding the right solutions, making things fit together smoothly, letting the system move by itself, and creating 3D maps. These things make our system a big help in making mining safer, more efficient, and productive.

Joining Us on the
Journey to Progress

Our Automated Inspection System isn’t just about new tech—it’s about making mining better. We’re all about innovation, useful info, safety, and less downtime. By embracing our system, you’ll step into a future of efficient, safe, and productive mining. Reach out to us now and let’s start this exciting journey together!

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