Mining robots can replace humans’ tasks in open-pit and underground mining operations, offering several advantages to the mining industry. The main benefits consist of saving human lives and also providing enhanced efficiency in the process. Mining companies can also save money by having robots that work round-the-clock and explore unhealthy and challenging areas to access. Several types of mining solutions can help achieve those goals, including autonomous and teleoperated robots, machines and vehicles.


  • Reduce the risk to workers during the mining operations.
  • Make dangerous tasks feasible in the mining environment.
  • Access remote areas that human-beings cannot access personally.

In the mining industry, multiple areas are exposed to risk. The complexity of tasks is greatly benefited from the existence of autonomous or semi-autonomous machines that can maintain the continuity of operations and, at the same time, increase workers’ safety.
SK Godelius develops all the robotic solutions in a particular mobile platform, robust enough to ensure excellent performance in the challenging mining environment, such as extreme temperatures, rough and steep terrain, and changing topologies. The robots should offer an adequate surface area and load capacity to house a robotic manipulator, cameras and sensors, without dramatically sacrificing their autonomy. The manipulator’s selection has to be appropriate to the tasks envisioned to be performed both in terms of scope and manipulative capacity.


Development of Godelius X, a robot that works in an autonomous, semi-autonomous or teleoperated way. It can be adapted to different dynamics of interaction with other robots, providing support and maintenance tasks.

The robot involves a complex and integrated robotic platform, formed by a mobile base prepared to operate in adverse environments, sensors that allow its operation in variable geometry and confined spaces, and a robotic arm with a manipulator. The robotic arm has cameras and sensors to provide the ability to execute various tasks in the mining environment. On the platform, depending on the application and the need, cameras, LIDAR sensors, thermal cameras, for example, can be installed, making the Godelius X an incredibly versatile platform. The SK Godelius engineering team can create any personalized solutions according to the requirements for any operation.
Godelius X can be teleoperated where both the movement and handling tasks can be managed remotely. It turns out to be extremely useful for highly variable movements or manipulation tasks that require interaction with an expert human. On the other hand, depending on the task, it is also possible to opt for a completely autonomous operation.


Godelius X executes tasks such as:

  • Teleoperated or autonomous inspections in areas.
  • Inspections with thermal cameras to detect temperature changes in variables of interest.
  • Collecting sampling in prospecting processes, fully auditable and traceable.
  • Measuring gaseous substances present in the environment.
  • Post-blast check to verify grain size conditions in areas of high risk for people.

Although it can always be tailored to specific tasks, Godelius X also provides general task support from the realization of a cyclical route, the sweep of the “cutting” in drilling, the dragging of hoses in piles, and the markers’ installation, among others.