BHP is one of the world’s largest mining companies with operations all across the globe. The BHP project called SGO Spence Growth Option consists of constructing a new concentrator plant with 95,000 tons of ore processing capacity per day. The project’s implementation is planned to happen in 2020, and it will extend the lifespan of Minera Spence by 50 years.


  • Create a personalized solution to allow communication among suppliers all across the globe during the execution of the SGO Spence Growth Option project by BHP.

The complex project demanded by BHP involved the development of a personalized solution aiming to coordinate many suppliers at the same time and create a communication channel to integrate all their projects related to communications. SK Godelius conceptualized and developed a customized service specifically targeted to meet that demand. The third parties’ communication efficiency was essential to reach success, once the distances and time zones between them were part of the project’s complexity.


  • Implementation of the Godelius Interaction System service (GIS) enables interaction and coordination between its staff and its multiple suppliers located in different parts of the world.

The system has consolidated the communication between all the coordinate areas by implementing a simple telecollaboration platform. Everyone could efficiently operate the system without special requirements from the IT areas, demanding only a good internet connection to establish video conference meetings. The project involved more than the concept of platform availability. It also included developing the platform usability and training about its functionalities with all the suppliers, always reinforcing the services’ importance to reach success.

The Godelius Interaction Systems (GIS) contains powerful collaborative capabilities and a high potential for improving project performance. A proximity program was implemented to maximize the adoption of the tool as well. Thanks to its modular design, it has international reach since it is quickly scalable. The service will have facilities in Canada, the United States, India and Chile.


  • The project structure is a successful, efficient, and secure communication system between all suppliers, allowing the company to follow the entire operation carefully.

The system was utterly personalized for BHP, not only providing a cutting-edge technological solution but also genuinely developed according to the needs of the client. An additional feature of the system is the capability to generate data, allowing BHP to analyze factors related to third parties’ interaction with the platform so that the company could ensure that the interactions between companies distributed in remote locations were done expertly and productively.

During the support plan phase, a dedicated team consisting of engineering, support, facilities, and customer care staff was created to answer doubts and solve the system’s possible issues.