ProntoForms allows companies to stay focused by building apps designed for their field operations. The app’s adoption occurs easily and rapidly so that it helps techs reliably get complex work done. Through a predefined workflow, it allows companies to create forms according to their needs. Besides, ProntoForms can be integrated with your existing apps and systems to make them field ready.

What are the main challenges in data collection and management?

  • Paper forms: it does not allow quick data traceability.
  • Limited data collection: traditional digital forms might collect limited or incomplete data, which makes the analysis of the operation difficult.
  • Data management issue: with all the data collected by workers, it is primordial to obtain relevant and organized information on the tasks carried out in the field.

The ProntoForms app and form builder allows companies to control all aspects of field data collection solutions. Its functionalities involve building customized apps and forms connected to back-office systems, define workflows and dispatch work to the field in a simple, quick and efficient way:

  • Extensive data sources in drop-down menus
  • Bulk editing tools; update hundreds of items with one click
  • Advanced form version and change management controls
  • Dispatch pre-filled forms; enforce standards across teams

Empower operations 

Leverage the intuitive low-code platform to put application and workflow development in the hands of those who understand the company’s processes and technicians inside out.

Empower field technicians  

Enable field teams to complete complex work the first time with contextual apps reliably. A field-tested, intuitive UI that works offline wherever you need it.

Empower your existing tech stack 

Extend a field-ready mobile solution on top of your existing infrastructure. ProntoForms integrates with leading Field Service Management solutions and multiple back-office systems to enable a 100% digital workflow.

Through ProntoForms, it is easy to capture photos, sketches, GPS/Timestamps, signatures, satellite images, and much more, even offline. Dispatch up-to-date forms and ensure submitted data is shared with the office in real-time.

  • Smart, dynamic forms adapt to user input with conditional logic
  • Calculations across form sections; values, durations, date/time
  • Table views, footer aggregations, calculated totals for easy review
  • State-of-the-art camera to text OCR; transform photos into data

SK Godelius provides a complete digitalization service of information in the field by ProntoForms technology, sharing it instantly with various cloud services and back-office systems.